Friday, June 29, 2012

The UnitedHealthcare Nursing Home Plan

"The UnitedHealthcare Nursing Home Plan uses nurse practitioners who coordinate with nursing home staff.  The nurse practitioners offer personalized, care coordination services to nursing home residents.  They also support the efforts of your nursing home staff by providing enhanced communication with the entire nursing home team."

For more information about this program and how it may benefit your loved one, please ask our social workers for a brochure or ask for our UnitedHealthcare Nurse Practitioner, Margo Packheiser.

For Your Information

Did you know Clapp's is a Restraint Free Facility?  We provide your loved one with a safe, homelike environment free from devices designed to restrain movement.

Clapp's also has a No Lift Policy.  Resident's are assisted in transferring but are not lifted by staff. Resident's who are unable to transfer with assistance are assisted via mechanical lifts which are safer for the resident and prevent injuries to the staff.

If you have questions about other policies, please ask our social workers Alison Kennedy or Elizabeth Santore.

Thank You & Congrats!

Clapp's would like to thank the family of Edith Smith for having an all staff and resident cookout during Nursing Home Week.

Thank you to all who purchased a raffle ticket for our Fun Fourth Raffle Cookout Basket.
Congratulations to Walt Sabin, son-in-law of Catherine Graham, who won the basket!

Aviary & Aquarium

We hope that your family enjoys our bird aviary in the Green Living Room and our fish aquarium in our Gold Living Room.  We do ask that children be reminded not to tap the glass of the aviary and aquarium.

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pets in the Facility

Clapp's Nursing Center is a pet friendly facility.  We provide pet therapy twice a month in addition to having two small dogs that are a comfort to many of our residents during the week.  We encourage you to bring your pet provided the pet is housetrained, on a leash at all times and you bring a copy of the pets rabies vaccination record in to the Activity Director prior to bringing in the pet.  Also, no pet is allowed in the Dining Room at any time - no exceptions.  This is a health code regulation.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Annual Yard Sale

Don't miss our Annual Yard Sale, Saturday, May 19th 7:30 to noon.

We will continue to accept donations for our yard sale until the Friday before our sale.

This is an Activity Department Fundraiser for live music programs for our residents.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Clapp's Walkers Team

The Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's is almost here! Join the Clapp's Walkers Team and walk with us for a great cause on May 12th!  Go to their website and look up our team or stop in at the receptionist desk to sign up.